Our Commitment

As my client, I will extend to you:
  • Extensive local market (and marketing!) knowledge
  • Communication at your preference and convenience
  • Integrity and respect extended toย everyone involved in the transaction
  • Consistent Educational materials and resources to help you through the process
  • A Friendly voice to call with any questions, anytime.

Putting your money into real estate shouldn’t be just that. I am aย geographic specialist, and am here toย provide you with timely communication and investment & homeownership tips before, during and after your transaction.

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“I assist homebuyers and sellers with their specific real estate needs by working on their behalf to negotiate and complete all transactions.
I do what I do because it brings me great reward to see the people of this community build lasting memories in their homes.
What makes me different is that I approach every transaction as though it was my own and I sincerely take the time to educate and involve my clients in the process.
What to expect from working with me…

I strive in my life and career and take pride in creating and sustaining positive relationships with my clients and friends.

I am always moving forward and adapting to the market, while analyzing the economic drivers that will affect my clients real estate decisions now and in the future.

I promise to show you my value through impeccable service, continuing education and collaborative homeownership resources.

Meet your local realtor

Stephanie Pinet

“Why are you a Realtor?”
The 5 most important reasons for me becoming a Realtor would be…
  • Helping people find a home they will be comfortable in, physically and financially.
  • Doing Business with other People is an activity I have always found passion in; I Enjoy Negotiating!
  • Staying in the Loop of Local and National Market trends and data/ Community Events & New Announcements that will affect our local lives.
  • Building meaningful Relationships with people during one of the most important times of their lives.
  • Educating People about the Real Estate Process, current Market Conditions, and Figuring out the story of each home’s past.
This is a green website. Stephanie Pinet has planted
trees so far. Hosted on a renewable energy server.